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Maria Menounos, Brilliant in Tacori

Maria Menounos stepped out recently in beautiful Tacori bling; Diamond French Hook Earrings and two Silver Crescent Cuffs. She went with a dazzling yet minimalist look, which worked well with the details of her gown.

Tacori credits the stunning looks and quality of the jewelry to an “uncompromising passion for artisanship.” Their signature pave pieces are handcrafted in California and are timeless symbols connecting past and present generations with the love of high quality jewels. Tacori designs not only provide a sensible staple to add to your bad-ass bauble assortment, but offer a lifetime promise of a beautiful jewelry, that can be passed with each generation. With an heirloom quality and the “Tacori Promise”:

Unique design
Due to the individual character of handcraftsmanship, you may notice slight variances in each Tacori design, ensuring that no pieces are identical. This personal touch transforms each piece into a singularly unique work of art.

Dedicated service
*Complimentary services that Tacori provides as part of our dedication to our customers include: sizing (when possible), general refurbishing and engraving touch-up.

Lifetime Care
For the greatest continuity of care for your Tacori piece, take your Tacori Certificate of Authenticity to your authorized Tacori retailer as listed on your card. Your personalized serial number will identify your unique Tacori item to the retailer. Your authorized Tacori retailer will be happy to answer your questions regarding matching Tacori band recommendations, any and all care services, Tacori setting upgrades, cleaning recommendations and more.

Service Integrity
Please know that although we have very high standards of our authorized Tacori retailers and in their team’s treatment of our rings, we cannot guarantee any work done by any outside jeweler, which is why we strongly recommend that you ask your authorized Tacori retailer to send your Tacori purchase directly to us (Tacori) for all services. Any work performed by an outside jeweler may compromise the integrity of the piece, thus, no future work by Tacori can be “guaranteed” after outside work has been performed.

For more on Tacori and their fine jewelry, visit www.tacori.com.

Ioma Paris for Tired, Once Dimply Legs

Wouldn’t you love to chillax and enjoy a nice epsom salt bath every time your stems begin to tire? Yes, baths are nice, but who has time to run a hot bath loaded with salts daily? Sheesh, we work hard for the money—and tired, stressed legs make for an unhappy gal.

Well, we’ve found the perfect solution to your fast paced, city stalking leggards. Ioma makes not only a Slimming & Contouring cellulite gel, but an amazing Soothing Gel for those burning limbs. As soon as the product is applied, it begins to delightfully tingle and induce dreams of far away places that include walks on clouds and floating on air, wait—ok, let’s just call it instant comfort to otherwise dead legs. The Soothing Gel retails for $75, and well worth it because the bottle is rather large and doesn’t require much product for adequate application.

They also make a product for those soon to be gone flabby dimple thighs. Their Slimming & Contouring Gel is AMAZE to say the least and it’s great for pre-game prep if you are wearing something saucy or sexy short, and retails for $115. Though there’s no belief in miracle products, we do believe in miracles. Say a prayer, grab your ioma and start primping, for if you have faith in great ingredients and any hope at all…this stuff really works!

Soothing Gel for Legs, Active Ingredients


Reinforces tone and firmness of the veins, reduces redness and improves lightness. A concentrated hydroglycolic extract of Arnica (Astringent – Stimulant), Cypress (Resistance and elasticity - drainage) and Solomon’s Seal (Vasoconstrictor – Venous tonic). It reinforces vascular walls and activates microcirculation in veins and capillary vessels.


Provides instant, long-lasting freshness and helps reduce feeling of discomfort.

Slimming and Contouring Gel

ISOCELL SLIM (biotechnology):

Lipolytic complex with caffeine, vectorized by phospholipids
Boosts elimination of triglycerides (sugars + fatty acids)
Reduces the size of adipocytes


Combination of Glaucium flavum and Euglena gracilis extracts
and plant-origin caffeine:
Reduction of lipid storage
Tissue reorganization
Restoration of mitochondrial energy


The draining action of flavonoids in the ivy helps eliminate skin toxins
and helps the skin naturally fight against the various stressors.
Detoxifies & drains


Natural source of caffeine
Lipophilic (boosts penetration into the epidermis)
Hydrophilic (necessary for diffusion into the dermis)
Hydrolyzes triglycerides                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Fatty acids and glucose are then formed and are carried in the bloodstream

For more on ioma, visit: iomaparisusa.com

*Product was provided

Currer Bell Premiere’s Fall 2012 Collection

London designer, Nancy Parker and Los Angeles designer, Geren Lockhart have brought their talents together to bring to you their new collection, Currer Bell. Geren started her career taking on work as an ad executive in Manhattan where she learned to juggle both her job and school during her studies in Parsons’ Fashion Design program. Taking inspiration from her travel experiences and the art she had been inspired by in various locations around the world, Geren launched Ford. The line was a success both on and off the runway. Nancy Parker was no slacker either. Her strong drive to succeed led her to establish her self entitled line, Nancy Parker Studio Ltd and since the launch of it she has risen to the top of the fashion market. Today, her company creates prints for over 2500 customers worldwide including Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, St John, Etro, Escada, Moschino, J Crew, Topshop and ASOS. Wondering where the name came from? Currer Bell is a pseudonym of English novelist and poet, Charlotte Bronte. Taking glamorous inspiration from Nancy and Geren’s home towns of London and LA, Currer Bell establishes itself as an intelligent ready-to-wear collection that combines high with low, old with new and casual, all while maintaining that value and quality wearers love. The company name represents life’s female protagonist, having it”s products geared towards the modern independent woman who lives for timeless and intelligent fashion, which we can all relate to in some sense. The color palette of the fall collection includes many deep earthy tones- the ideal feel for the season. These pieces are definitely not for going to mall in ladies, but wear them to work or a night out on the town and you’ll be the center of attention. Currer Bell has found the perfect balance between sophistication and fun, making them a brand that should be kept a close eye on by fashionistas everywhere.

Visit www.currerbell.com to browse their fall collection and more.

Style Stalking: Amanda Seyfried wears Genetic Denim while out in LA

All-American girl Amanda Seyfried was photographed while out and about in LA after running some errands at Whole Foods. The actress walked around with coffee in hand…sounds like my kinda gal. Seyfried strengthened her “girl next door” personality even further by wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a yellow t-shirt and gray flats. What an ideal outfit for food shopping, no?  The skinnies are Genetic Denim’s “The Shya in Havoc”, a dark wash jean that Amanda chose to cuff up, possibly to show off her adorable flats. Whatever the reason, she sure did rock it. Launched in 2006, Genetic Denim was developed with a clear goal in mind; to bring personalized denim styles to women everywhere. Creative director, Ali Fatourechi acknowledges that diversity should be celebrated, which is something she takes pride in through her designs. Genetic Denim is available in over 800 specialty stores and luxury retailers worldwide, including Barneys New York, Nordstrom, Fred Segal and Ron Herman in the United States, Holt Renfrew and TNT in Canada, Harvey Nichols in London and Hong Kong, Montaigne Market in Paris and Podium in Moscow, among other countries and doors.

Visit www.geneticdenim.com to browse more of their collections.

Nicky Hilton Radiates in Westward \ Leaning Shades

Just because Nicky Hilton has been free from the tabloids lately, it doesn’t mean the her fashion sense has disappeared. The heiress was seen wearing Westward \ Leaning “Children of California” sunglasses while out and about in Paris, spending some quality time with her father, Richard Hilton. The two shopped together in style, Nicky in a gray side laced tank and jeans and Richard, in a pink polo with blue dress pants. She’s been seen wearing these glasses on many different occasions including while she vacationed in St. Tropez, pictured above. Even heiress’ need some retail therapy with their fathers, right?  Through purchasing her “Children of California” sunglasses, Nicky helped out the world. For every pair of Westward \ Leaning sunglasses sold, $10 is donated to education programs related to the specific style purchased. The proceeds for the “Children Of California” style go to Teach for America in San Francisco. Charity is the new black; buy a pair of Westward \ Leaning shades today to help out a cause, just like Nicky.

Visit www.westwardleaning.com to browse more of their styles.

Label Love: Elizabeth Olsen Goes Glam in Ralph Lauren

Elizabeth Olsen has gotten increasingly popular within the past year, breaking out as an actress and getting face time on/in various magazines.  After appearing in Martha Marcy May Marlene, she has created a name for herself that has separated her from her famous last name. Both down to earth and not afraid to laugh at herself, Elizabeth Olsen is anything from a diva. Along with making a statement in the acting world, she has established a highly glamorous sense of style- something that sets her apart from her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley. In the Fall 2012 USA issue of Glamour, Elizabeth can be seen sporting a beaded cardigan from Ralph Lauren. In the photo, Elizabeth sits on a black stool wearing black slacks, booties, a white dress shirt and the Ralph Lauren cardigan. The integration of the simple colors she wears, along with the bold cardigan, works very well- allowing for a strong look, without being too overbearing. The theme of Elizabeth’s spread is military inspired pieces- which are all the rave for the upcoming fall season.

Browse Ralph Lauren’s collection here.

Read more about Elizabeth Olsen and why you’ll love her on Glamour.

vbeauté | Sophisticated Skincare for Sustenance

Before thirty, Julie Macklowe managed a multi-million dollar hedge fund, was a notable fashion socialite, mom and achieved “It Girl” status while living an on-the-go lifestyle to be envied.

After her many years of searching, she realized she was going to have to craft a custom formula for the perfect concoction to suit her beauty and anti-aging needs. Like many of us, skincare plays a huge role in her life and after some intense research and extensive networking—the tools of her financial world success—helped Julie find the rarest botanicals and the most advanced skincare bio-technology on the planet. The combination of her business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit led her to focus her findings on the dramatic delay of aging skin.

Julie quickly partnered with CRB High Performance Lab of Geneva, Switzerland, known to the world as the leader in innovative skin treatment, and started working with their top molecular scientists. She eventually introduced to the Swiss botanical stemcells from the Alpine Rose plant, one of the Longevity Botanicals that have developed near miraculous anti-aging abilities, hence the rose.

They’ve adapted over centuries to the harsh conditions such as cold climate, UV and severe dryness in the High Alps:

“My chemists were able to infuse the original recipe with 21st century bio-chemical power that makes our exclusive
vComplex a breakthrough. vComplex allows healing, anti-aging and DNA protecting abilities that track with your skin’s
own cellular needs. No matter your age, climate, stress level or lifestyle, v gives your skin exactly what it craves.”

For more on vbeauté, please visit vbeauté.com

*Product was provided

5 Signature Looks Brought To You by Max Studio

The great thing about fashion is that it’s not just a “one size fits all.” When I say this, I don’t actually mean size, but rather style. We express ourselves through our fashion and it’s what makes us, us. Imagine if everyone had the same style? BORING. No matter what your taste is, we’ve compiled a guide to bring out the best “you.” So what’s it going to be? Are you flirtatiously fitted, painlessly preppy, have an oversized obsession, sexy in stripes or fabulously flowy? Let’s find out.

This look is for the flirtatious woman who loves wearing fitted clothing to show off sexy curves.  Look for pieces with with gathered material in places you would want to show off such as the waist. Finding fitted clothes, instead of reverting back to middle school and wearing less of it, will allow you to look awesome without coming across as being slutty. There is a time and place to show skin! Clockwise from left: Long Sleeve Jersey Dress, $148: Side Cinch Maxi Skirt, $38: Short Sleeve Dress, $148: Slim Dress, $98: Long Leather Gloves, $98: Wedge Boot, $249

If you are the kind of woman who drools over the Ralph Lauren catalogue, listen up. The preppy look is a timeless look- crisp, clean and classic, what’s not to love? To avoid falling victim to the stereotypical “preppy polo”, try mixing plaids with neutral sweaters and flats. You can even mix a polo with a sweater draped over your shoulders as seen above or try knotting button up shirts together at the bottom for a retro take on the look. Clockwise from left: Slim Trousers, $78: Oversized Chambray Shirt, $88: Slim Fitting Shirt, $68: Ballet Flat, $99: Puckered Plaid Ruffled Dress, $78: Drop Shoulder Wrap Top, $38: Cardigan, $78:

The oversized look is one of my favorites for the winter. It’s cozy, comfortable and an easy style to throw together on those chilly days in December, when getting up is nearly impossible. To avoid coming off looking like an Olsen twin, pair your oversized item with a tight opposite. For example, if you wear an oversized sweater, try wearing skinny jeans. It will add contrast to the bulky sweater on top, while still showing that there’s a person underneath those clothes! Clockwise from right: DELAVÉ LINEN SHORTS, $38: Dolman Sleeve Cardigan, $118: Cuffed Over the Knee Lug Sole Boots, $350: Oversized V Neck Cable Sweater, $128: Draped Sleeved Dolman Coat, $68

Stripes can not only be very flattering, but also interesting to look at. They add dimension to an outfit and can be dressed up and down. Don’t be afraid to mix stripes with bold colors. It may seem like you need to go with more of a neutral color at first, but once you start playing around you’ll see how much fun you can have. Short Sleeve Pleated Dress, $98: Mixed Strip Skirt, $78: Heathered Mini-Stripe Dress, $78: High Heel Short Boots, $98: Long Sleeve Top, $68: Surplus Dress, $78

For more of a dressed up look, flowing fabrics are elegant and bring out the inner greek goddess within. It’s a refreshing break from more traditional and simple dresses. Depending on the event you’re attending, you can choose from a longer or shorter dress. Either way, you will feel like a million bucks. Counter clockwise: Ruffled Dress, $128: Maxi Dress, $78: IRIDESCENT CHIFFON SIDE-DRAPE DRESS, $248: Braided Heels, $68: Crinkled Chiffon Long Dress, $198: Silk Chiffon Watercolour Dress, $248

First MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Store opens in NYC

If you’re going to choose any location to put a store, already establish or not, it’s got to be NYC. That’s exactly what contemporary womenswear line, MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, has done. MM6 has just opened its doors in the concrete jungle, marking the line’s first brick & mortar store since 1997, when it was launched. Taking pride in NYC’s modern and international atmosphere, the company saw it as the ideal location for it’s first store. Visitors and locals alike will gather together at the 500 square-foot store to “shop till they drop” at MM6’s Bleaker Street location in Greenwich Village. “Bleecker Street’s effortless yet trendy, friendly yet alternative ambiance appealed to us immediately. We chose this location because it’s very Margiela and put simply, because we love it!”, a representative said. The store possesses the imaginative and original vision of the Maison’s distinctive aesthetic and will offer a broad range of accessories and clothing. Bleecker Street’s effortless yet trendy, friendly yet alternative ambiance appealed to us immediately.

In the window of MM6 are neon light boxes, which create a spectacular meshing of light as it is reflected and bounced from mirror to mirror. Behind the windows is the store’s line of clothing, accessories and footwear, arranged in a simplistic way- further adding to the atmosphere of the store. The shelving is inspired by traditional New York City ceiling tiles, opening and closing to hold items. A synthesis of modern concepts and Greenwich Village’s charming nature brings white walls, contrasted with a brick fireplace. Calming neutrals, whites, greys, natural woods and silver are toughened up against the raw, New York City cement inspired moquette. In celebration of the opening, two exclusive items will be available for purchase in-store- a signature t-shirt and tote bag that are both printed with a design of the Manhattan skyline on them.

Custom Couture Closets by Clos-ette: Get a closet as Fab as the Clothes in it

There’s nothing worse than going into a cluttered closet. It makes searching for a specific item nearly impossible. Every wardrobe deserves a closet that is just as fabulous as the clothing inside of it. They’re enough things to worry about when getting ready in the morning, so why make creating an outfit another stress? Clos-ette, founded by Melanie Charlton in 2002, is a company that builds luxury closets. Specializing in designing for everything from wardrobe space, closets, dressing rooms, personal office spaces and commercial spaces, Clos-ette helps bring organization to their customer’s lives in addition to restyling and rethinking wardrobes. No job is too big for Clos-ette as their projects have included one’s as massive as highly trafficked showrooms and retail spaces to small privately owned office spaces. The company has even extended its products and services to include high-end cabinetry design within luxury residences in Palm Beach and Manhattan, online sales of organizational and innovative product through the Clos-ette website and personal shopping and wardrobe consultancy. As the company continues to grow, so does it’s Media notoriety. Clos-ette is featured in Daniel Nissanof’s “FutureShop”, a book about the emerging trend of online auctioning shopping in today’s market. In the novel, Clos-ette is referred to as the ‘Closet company to the stars.’ In hopes of expanding their audience and clientele even more, the company has decided to work on a design advice book. Kudos to Clos-ette for pin pointing a small element of the luxury market and turning it into an expanding global phenomenon.

Interested in turning your closet space into a custom couture creation? Below is a description from the Clos-ette website on their designing process:

1. Consultation
During our initial consultation, we conduct an interview to determine what services you need, while gathering additional information about your lifestyle, such as shopping and dressing habits. We analyze the space and determine a scope of work to begin an estimate.

2. The Closet Edit
Here we examine your closet, inventory your wardrobe and accessories, and then begin working through what stays and goes to help you revamp your style. Taking away the clutter and leaving only relevant pieces is not only therapeutic, but is a necessity for any closet and wardrobe makeover. Merchandising the clothes, similar to a store or showroom, is the the best way to achieve a complete wardrobe clarification. Categorizing clothes by color, or into separates, evening, day, accessories and so on is also a great way for you to really start to “see” the contents of your wardrobe. To do it yourself, purchase "Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style" by Clos-ette founder and president Melanie Charlton Fascitelli.

3. The Design Process
During the final design stage, decisions are made about the space’s layout and aesthetic. This is where the space allocation begins. Our team of architects and designers devise a plan based on your personal inventory, taste, and lifestyle. The scope of work can be a complete build out or a simple organization installation.

4. Clos-ette’s Results
Clos-ette’s goal is to build a closet space that organizes and merchandises the wardrobe so it is wearable and cared for while also beautifully displayed. The Clos-ette products were designed specifically with this in mind. Once your clothes are installed in your beautiful new closet, you’ll feel like you have a whole new wardrobe. Only then can you go ahead and shop your closet!

Signature Summer Scents | Haute Florals for Your Summer-Lovin Nights

The best compliment you can give a woman is “What fragrance are you wearing?”, for those of us that like to layer—take a wild guess. Getting older can be fun, life becomes more refined by the minute, and maturity reminds us of why having a signature scent in one of the most important things to possess.

Three of my favorite fragrance debuts this Summer are Glowing by J. Lo—with it’s light up cylinder around the atomizer canister, L’Eau de Chloe and it’s essence of class…along with Roberto Cavalli and it’s saucy sex-appeal that only the fashion house could embody. You can tell the world of a woman by her choice in fragrance, coy or cute, sweet or demure, flowers or spice and love or lust.

The following fragrances and their characteristics should help you decide which one/s suit you:

Glowing by J. Lo:

This fragrance screams uber feminine and inner radiance from within. It’s Floral Woody Amber scent embodies the aura of a modern forward thinking woman. The bottle was inspired by the beauty and the lines of Baccarat crystal, when the atomizer is pressed, the bottle beautifully illuminates for 15 seconds.

L’Eau de Chloe

The jet-set city-chic woman who loves the idea of a random bouquet of roses from a endearing admirer is the quintessential Chloe gal. Instantly recognized by her sophisticated rose scent, this new Chloe interpretation is revealed with a soft green hue which echoes the freshness of the clean fragrance.

Roberto Cavalli

So, you want to be noticed? Don’t we all— whip out your feline grace and a unstoppable sexy energy. Crowned by a tiara-shaped cap formed by Roberto Cavalli’s golden seal, the bottle is adorned with a tiger-print necklace reminiscent of its creator’s emblematic animal prints.

I’m not one for day-to-night fragrances, per se—but if you really want to take these up a notch layer either the J. Lo or the L’Eau de Chloe with Roberto Cavalli’s saucy scent for date time. Who’s to say what your signature scent should be? Only your body chemistry nose, and your love for all that is— well fragranced, can discern. Enjoy the fun of deciding how to concoct your daily signature scent and rival at the admires you attract along the way.

* Fragrances were provided for review

Fashion Overture: Judith Leiber Launches Contemporary Bag Collection

Summer 2012 has been flying by and although it’s already about a week into August, the thoughts of fresh fall fashion have been keeping things optimistic. It’s exciting to hear about new development on luxe brands. Judith Leiber’s new contemporary bag collection, Overture, has made things ever sweeter. Just in time for fall, the designer who was previously most noted for her celebrity loved crystal minaudieres, has launched an affordable collection of handbags. Now, not only will Judith Leiber accessories be worn on the red carpet, but will also be designed so that they can be taken out on the town seven days a week.

Even though this is a new line, the collection’s name comes along with some history. The term “overture” is what Judith Leiber used to describe the opening price point styles in her previous collections during the 1980’s. Jana Matheson, the company’s current creative director sought inspiration from this, feeling like 2012 would be the perfect year to release a line with a concept based on the word. Noticing the increasing popularity in the contemporary market, Jana wanted to create unique and special designs for today’s trendy urban girl. The modern collection consists of 31 styles of minaudieres, clutches and cross body bags. Clean silhouettes are enhanced by animal prints, foil treatments, embossed pythons and oversized locks. All the elements of the designs are reflections of what Judith loves; exotic skins with a twist of whimsy and dramatized ornaments. Overture products retail between $295 - $995, which is more affordable than Judith Leiber’s  Couture line. Don’t be alarmed though, the strong detail and eternal aesthetics that Judith Leiber customers love is still very present in all Overture products. Looks like you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a celebrity after all.

For more on Overture Judith Leiber, Check www.JudithLeiber.com and Judith Leiber Boutiques.

TOMS Eyewear: Kobe Bryant Arrives in Style to 2012 Olympics

Kobe Bryant, one of the USA Olympic Basketball team members arrived at Heathrow airport in London in style, looking ready to win wearing a Nike jumpsuit and TOMS sunglasses. Though Kobe wore a dark amber, the ones featured here to the right are a similar pair from the Windward collection that retail for $129. TOMS brand is known for their footwear and charity contribution and has expanded their humanitarian efforts to include doing their part to eliminate blindness. Their original “buy a shoe, give a shoe” program was replicated in the TOMS Eyewear line to extend their charitable reach. TOMS promises with every pair of glasses purchased, they will help a person in need during their “Summer of Sight” program.

Through providing prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery and medical treatment, TOMS will make an impact improving the sight of people all over the world. Unfortunately, blindness is the seventh-largest health disability globally and through eyeglasses or a 15 minute cataract surgery, 80% of the people affected can be cured. Throughout the summer, TOMS has received numerous sunglass purchases which have afforded 78,771 people to have better sight. It’s nice see a company embrace style and the global initiative to help those in need of better sight…kudos to TOMS for prioritizing philanthropy.

Browse TOMS collection at www.toms.com.

Willow Smith Shows off her Threads of Friendship

I recently saw a picture of both Willow Smith at a red carpet event sporting Thread of Friendship’s Jennifer Friendship bracelet and couldn’t help but be jealous at not only how awesome it was, but aslo how she displays friendship. Growing up, my best friend and I each had a piece of a heart shaped friendship necklace that we treasured. Threads of Friendship embodies the strong feeling that surrounds the whole concept of growing up and making real friends…I just love the idea, and it serves as a reminder that you’re never alone when you have your BFF. Complete with gold chains and tons of color, their friendship bracelets make mine look like a rock on a chain. Their website explains that Threads of Friendship is a unique line of jewelry modeled after the current friendship bracelet trend. The collection was created by fashion designer Andrea Barna and business partner, Kollene McGinley. Unique in both their design and message, the bracelets celebrate the beauty of friendship. Andrea and Kollene found inspiration for Threads of Friendship from the ideals of friendship and solidarity. Friendship is defined as “the quality or state of being friendly.” Friendship bracelets serve as a symbol of friendship, support, and unity. In the 1970s friendship bracelets became popular and were responsible for bringing friends together through the act of giving a bracelet to represent the bond of friendship. The bracelets create a sense of solidarity- linking individuals together across the world. Threads of Friendship is dedicated to cultivating friendship through the gift of our embellished friendship bracelets adorned by rhinestones and charms. A portion of the proceeds of the bracelets are donated to the Best Buddies charity and the Walkabout Foundation. Feel loved, look great and help out the world? I’ll take that any day. I guess you could say that Willow does more in her spare time than “whipping her hair back and forth.”

Visit www.threadoffriendship.com to browse more bracelets.

On Campus: Tyla Rae Tech Accessories Put the “SMART” in Phone

In a world full of tech, and a life full of luxury—we can all appreciate an affordable way to spruce up a much needed device. There’s always a risk of dropping your iPhone and scratching your most prized possession, Tyla Rae solves our techno problems at a great price and in style. The best part is: We can avoid the risk of looking bland and robotic with just a mundate tech device and spice it up a bit while covering our asses at the same time.

Tyla Rae designs her pieces just for women, they are both animal-friendly and man-made leather goods which come in a variety of different designs and colors to remind ourselves of the well dressed gal in all of us—from meetings to the mall. Featuring vibrant colors, edgy designs, signature gold-chain details along with zips and compartments to store credit cards—the they are made with intentions of dressing up our favorite techie devices—well. They protect its exterior from falls or scratches, while making us the center of the fashionable gal-in-stylish-tech universe. The designs come in cases, purses and bags and retail between $39-$99.

Tyla Rae is a member of the Consumer Electronics Association, born in Canada and was exposed to handbags and accessories at an early-age through her family’s business that had been passed down several generations. Her uncle owned Canada Belt and Bag Ltd., a company that made leather goods for men and women. As a child she would sit in the back of the factory and create jewelry (Fun right? Talk about nostalgia.) She carefully observed both her mother and other workers at the factory during her childhood and learned all of the elements of the business that would be later taken with her to create Tyla Rae Tech Accessories.

Visit www.tylarae.com to browse more of Tyla’s designs.