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Are you In? Join the StyleClub.me

What happens when Fashion + Intelligence + Community come together, our best guess? The Style Club. Hilary Novelle, Columbia University grad, decided to launch StyleClub.me after discovering how “Gen Z has become a highly sophisticated user in the world of e-commerce” and “have come to expect a multi-tiered approach that’s inspired by a beautiful intersection of music, fashion and entertainment.” The Style Club serves as an innovative fashion tech company with features developed by Kennith Leung and Dr. Thang Dong and is set to showcase a user-friendly shopping platform in the coming weeks.

The StyleClub user experience will comprise of red carpet treatment from celebrity stylists and experts on closet sharing and world-class shopping from some of Los Angeles’ trendiest stores. Complete looks will then be generated for each user based on a personal profile. Users will then be able to share their profiles in an engaged and captivating way across a communal dashboard incorporating revolving sales, style updates from stylists, friends and boutiques, chat and video features.

@OscarPRGirl, Erika Bearman Styles It Up…

Oscar de la Renta’s Fall collection has been given a fun edgy spin courtesy of Twitter’s Favorite: @OscarPRGirl Erika Bearman. She styled a shoot for OscardelaRenta.com, and reworked pieces from the Fall line to create looks as she would wear them. Dark lips, midriff on show and bold accessorizing gives the shoot a cool, confident vibe.

Erika’s interpretation of the Oscar de la Renta woman is cool, fun and young. The images are complemented by quirky, tongue-in-cheek slogans such as: “Don’t be like the rest of them darling” and “I don’t ski bunny”.

Donna Karan WOMAN, For Her. By Her.

The essence of a WOMAN is hard to embody, but Donna Karan has mastered the art of encompassing the scent of the fragrant, fresh and sweet, WOMAN. The eponymous perfume reminds us of the rite of passage that is WOMANHOOD, and as the years progress: We need for the more refined version of our former-self.  Through “beauty, balance and seduction…mind, body and spirit. Whatever age or race, women are beautiful, and embrace their femininity with conviction." according to Karan.

In celebration of WOMEN everywhere Donna Karan pulled together her inspirations, from perfumer Anne Flipo to renowned architect Zaha Hadid to design the curvaceous bottle. The alluring advertising campaign “celebrates the accomplished yet sensual side of multi-faceted women, featuring beautiful women of all ages who also give back to the world: Christy Turlington Burns, Karolina Kurkova and Liya Kebede." Donna Karan notes "I believe women are complex, and full of emotion and feelings. We have a unique ability to care and share and make the world a better place. When I approached the project I wove this idea of the multi-faceted woman into all aspects of the process.

Just like a woman, the fragrance is a dichotomy of softness and strength. Utilizing ingredients that are traditionally found in masculine fragrances and wrapping them with nurturing white florals, Donna Karan and Anne Flipo’s groundbreaking creation results in a feminine and sensual scent: the confident signature core of sandalwood and Haitian vetiver is sublimated with the creamy feminine notes of orange flower resonating in an instinctual feminine sensuality.

The packaging for Donna Karan WOMAN is an evolution and a modern interpretation of the language that Donna Karan has always spoken - one that connects the world of art and sculpture with fragrance. A heritage that began with the creation of the iconic Cashmere Mist bottle in 1994 which was designed by Stephan Weiss, Donna’s [late] sculptor husband.

This innovative approach to packaging led her to commission world-renowned IraqiBritish architect Zaha Hadid to design the bottle for Donna Karan Woman. Zaha was inspired by the curvature of a woman’s body: voluptuous, mysterious and irresistible to the touch. The result is a sculptural silhouette that reinforces the individuality and sensuality of a woman.

*Product was provided

Ombre Bauble Love Affair | ILY Couture Embodies Multi-Faceted Chic

We’ve seen so many renditions of your favorite rainbow trend: Ombre, it seems to have all started with a couple of risk-takers rainbow-brighting their hair, and the rest is on-trend fashion history. Ombre proves to be one of the most fun-faddy-fashion looks of recent seasons. We can’t get enough of the multi-dimensional pops of color.

ILY Couture has embodied gradient ombre color palettes in their statement pieces and candy colored necklaces. Reminiscent of those candy dots that came on paper rolls when you were a kid…these delectable baubles make you want to chomp right in. Both irresistible and fun, ILY Couture’s vibrant pieces with bold hues are great for updating an otherwise boring look, and adding an interesting touch to jeans and a tee, or a cocktail dress for a night out. Fashion is all about experimentation, and for $49 you can have a blast.

Opinion Poll: High-Fashion Only vs. Affordable Fashion & Female Oriented Topics

Hellooooo ladies, so recently we have touched on some fun relationship stuff, even candidly explained somethings that would have otherwise gone unexplained, and sometimes wavered away from LUXURY.

So, what would you like to see more of? More high-fashion luxury oriented articles or more lifestyle posts i.e. relationship advice, travel and affordable stuff, or mix of both. We try to keep the tone guippy and fun but don’t want to COMPLETELY throw you off. So I guess this is an unofficial, official reader poll via facebook. Leave your comments below, and say what you will—shit, we certainly do!

Fall in Love with the New Carlo Pazolini Collection

Carlo Pazolini invited us to a special preview of their Autumn/Winter Collection displaying their most recent line of sophisticated shoes and accessories. Modern Italian style and a touch of mature elegance in the 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection will make both men and women excited for the season’s arrival.

With price points ranging from $200 to $600, the brand prides itself on their high quality products with an affordable price. Thank goodness because the collection will have you coming back for more. This line of shoes and accessories incorporates signature autumn colors like tan, brown and clay red but multi-colored silk scarves and orange belts will add a pop of color to the otherwise neutral fashion season.

Our favorites? The classic Oxford heels, mid-calf boots and red lace-up chunky heels: a modern twist on timeless wardrobe staples. Additions to the boot line include flat fur-lined boots, rider boots, and high-cut ankle boots with 4” heels. The men’s collection will also turn heads this season taking any suit or casual outfit to the next level.

All the shoes and accessories are made from high-quality Italian leather inspired by the jet-set lifestyle. Carlo Pazolini reminds us that regardless of where you’re going, it’s not the destination that matters but the journey itself. The 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection makes sure you’ll take life’s journeys in elegant style.

Lavish Aha-va Moment: Body Wash Fiend, Lotion Fanatic

I see you over there in the drugstore isle smelling those body washes wondering which one will give you that squeaky clean smell and feel without over-drying your skin. Well B, let me upgrade you. Ahava has an assortment of wonderful body washes and body moisturizers that will have you looking forward to shower time.

I know, most people don’t typically want to pay much for, well—soap. But the Mineral Botanic Skin Friendly Cream Washes retail for only $22, which isn’t bad for a concentrated formula of heaven sent body cleanser. Though I pay a ton of attention to that after shower feeling, this one left me at ease enough to worry about other things. After all, you don’t really know a good shower until you’ve had a bad one, and you don’t really know clean until you’ve tried this…

AHAVA’s Mineral Botanic line is a collection of seven amazing scented shower creams, that are assorted for different skin types. They are Paraben-free, SLS/SLES-free and created from natural organic plant and fruit extracts.

AHAVA has also developed a unique formulation based on new technology using micro-spheres that encapsulate very high concentrations of oils and minerals from the Dead Sea. This special cosmetic approach has made it possible for AHAVA to create seven, high-quality flavor combinations targeted to support the needs of different skin types. Enriched with organic plant extracts and natural moisturizing oils such as Macadamia and Sunflower, this new line is truly friendly to the skin, having no drying effects on the skin. Each flavor is hypoallergenic and approved for the most sensitive skin types.

Normal to dry skin – Micro-peeling Cream Wash

Water Lily & Guarana: Water Lily infuses the skin with a tranquil scent, leaving it soft, smooth and moisturized, while Guarana stimulates and awakens skin’s metabolism. Olive and Apricot seed powder provide a gentle peeling effect.

For very dry skin -

Hibiscus & Fig: Hibiscus milk provides antibacterial properties while soothing and moisturizing the skin. Fig milk works to leave skin soft and nourished.

For sensitive skin -

Lotus Flower & Chestnut: Lotus Flower milk acts as an antioxidant and offers a unique soothing sensation to the skin. Chestnut milk helps to nourish the skin and contains moisturizing properties.

Honeysuckle & Lavender: Honeysuckle has a relaxing scent and contains soothing properties for skin. A natural antiseptic, Lavender renews tired skin, restoring luster and natural shine.

AHAVA also carries a line of body lotions to complement the Body Wash assortment. To shop the AHAVA visit: http://www.AhavaUS.com

*Product was provided

Good News #DIY! Fashion’s Night Out Compact by @MAKEUPFOREVERUS

Fashion conniption: MAKE UP FOR EVER has decided to let us in on the AMAZE makeup action and is debuting a DIY compact for Fashion’s Night Out. Aren’t you thrilled? Now you can add your own twist to the already chictastical compacts instore.

Join them Sept 6th to celebrate a night of fun, fashion and color. Visit one of their boutiques to design a custom eye shadow palette, selecting your four favorite shades from our full range of more than 125 colors. They are also allowing you to select your favorite palette case. They’ve partnered with M&J Trimming, the fashion industry’s “go to” for crafting and accessories, to create four limited edition palette cases adorned with eye-catching decorations.

So for FNO be sure to stop by MAKE UP FOR EVER and build your own Limited Edition Palette for a mere $59.00.

BONUS: Purchase any product and receive a complimentary Star Powder & Aqua Eyes tin filled with two mini liners and two mini loose shimmer powders in must-have shades for fall. Also. Macaroons and champagne will be served all evening.


Thursday, September 6, 2012  6:00pm – 9:00pm


8687 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75225
Tel: (214) 361-2466

132 South Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Tel: (310) 289-1758

3333 Bristol Street, 2nd Floor
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: (714) 641-7061

3377 Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tel: (702) 735-0196

8 East 12th Street
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 941-9337

555 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
Tel: (212) 431-4510

For more FNO event listings, check here:  Fashion’s Night Out

Our Favorite Fashion Lawsuits, And How They Played Out

A multitude of our favorite fashion houses have gone head to head in court over copyright infringement, unethical work environments, and piracy issues. As fashion laws evolve and the world wide web exposes creations of designers at a rapid-fire pace, the varying idea of what is proprietary and what’s FASHION brings forth some nasty little battles over who did what first.

Though we are sure you are devouring the bittersweet rush and enjoying seeing these designers fight it out in court. Precedent is being set and international IP fires are being stomped out quite rapidly. Though the Fashion Industry Rocks and Rolls on RIP-OFFs, it’s interesting to see the designers and brands fight for their right to authenticity and win based on brand prestige.

We’ve covered our fair share of fashionable throwdowns and below are a list of our favorite:

  1. Hermes vs. Thursday Friday: http://www.poshglam.com/lawsuit-drama-hermes-thur-fri/
  2. Christian Louboutin vs. Zara: http://www.poshglam.com/christian-louboutin-reserves-the-right-to-not-want-to-be-zara/
  3. Christian Louboutin vs. YSL: http://www.poshglam.com/verdict-in-christian-louboutin-v-yves-saint-laurent/

FashionETC.com has created a fun slideshow gallery with 15 Fashion Face Offs for your perusal…

Creative Director François NARS debuts Andy Warhol Collection for Holiday 2012

NARS Creative Director François NARS has embodied the late great work of Andy Warhol for the Holiday 2012 collection. The beauty brand creatively juxtaposes the talent of Icon Andy Warhol and the authentic brand image and creative ingenuity of NARS Cosmetics.

François has pulled from Andy’s work for inspiration for years and is thrilled to finally encapsulate the work of Warhol into his makeup. Through variations of homage to the designer NARS depicts POP, Color Collection and Silver Factory. The intricately designed pressed palettes shadow and blush help to complete the well versed assortment of gloss, polish, shadow pencils and eyeliner that carefully draw from Warhol’s most esteemed art, quotes and imagery.

Original Article: NARS does Andy Warhol via WWD.com

Exclusive: Framed! Contemporary Eyewear in Fashion…

Eclectic eyewear has been seen as an ultimate style booster across every stalwart over the past. Framed! Contemporary eyewear in Fashion celebrates this accessory by launching a programme of exhibitions and events in the Fashion Space Gallery at the London College of Fashion where the exhibition will be celebrated from 12th September 2012 to 3rd November 2012.

The exhibition will feature over a 200 types of glasses where the curators have intricately picked up some unusual brands as well as popular brands like Chanel and Prada. But it promises to display never seen designs drawn from archives and museums- loaned from eyewear companies, private and public collections as well as bespoke makers.

The collection is set to interest all, across the girly pastel shades to the quirky oversized neon-shaded glasses. It will transport its visitors into the glamourous world of eyewear- dominated by British Brands like Cutler and Gross and Oliver Goldsmith as well as American Brands like Ray Ban, Moscot and the newcomer Stevie Boi (whom Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj are worshipping!)

The exhibition is also set to chart an interesting film reflecting upon its historical significance- through the mid twenties and the present day about how this has been affecting fashion and celebrity trends through decades (or vice versa). It will also feature the newly commissioned timeline by Emily Alston.

Creating more excitement about the forthcoming event is the experimental runway collection prototypes by  Bernhard Wilhelm, Erdem, Giles, Thomas Tait, Chloe McCormick and NODH, Edward Gucewicz, Emma Montague, SPIT Design and Studio Swine. There will also be a showcase of a giant pair of abstract frames by Nairobi-based artist- Cyrus Kabiru. Both visually – appealing and wearable art, Kabiru has worked over with his own personal narrative as well as narratives from his community.

Eyewear has risen as a solution to personal style’s dilemma after being just a practical solution to poor eyesight. Historical influences like Sir Winston Churchill, Churchill, seven Kings and Queens of England, Napoleon Bonaparte and Emperor Qianlong of China have been credited to incorporate diamond and platinum into eyewear thus getting more momentum thanks to European royalty. It has been gracing the cover of Vogue by the 40s and was accepted by the masses a decade after.

The collection will be the first of five shows exploring fashion with its imagery form. It will depict the historical influence on style we see today and try to explain the integral role it has played in this age of consumerism. To find the perfect pair for you, check out a previous post: The Perfect Pair

Editorial Advert: Hello La Mode, Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 Monogram Vernis Avalon #Giveaway

Do you have your It-bag ready for fall? How would you like Louis Vuitton’s sleek handbag on your arm this season?

Certified luxury resale site Hello La Mode is giving away a new Fall 2012 Monogram Vernis Avalon bag during their Facebook contest.  Every person who enters and invites five friends will automatically receive a $25 gift code to shop the site.  More entries are awarded for every additional five friends who are invited, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

The contest runs through the end of New York Fashion Week, which will be September 13, 2012.
In the meantime, you can purge your closet of old designer items and make some cash.  Then, upgrade your fall pieces by shopping for luxury bargains on their site.  You can find everything from vintage Gucci to current season collections donated from the designers themselves to support charities.

Join Hello La Mode on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with their latest giveaways, fashion news and designer interviews! Click HERE TO ENTER!

Ta•ta•toos: Let your Tatas Do the Talking

Cat got your tongue? Let your “tatas” do the talking with the lastest body art craze- temporary ta•ta•toos. I’ve yet to decide if these are to be taken seriously or not, but they sure do seem like a blast. Ta•ta•toos are for the woman that wants to leave a long lasting impression. The tattoos serve as a personal greeting worn on the body, relaying messages in a fun and unique way that is “temporary, but will undeniably create permanent memories.” Collections include bridal/anniversary/weddings, special occasions, risqué and just for fun, with messages such as “Lucky You,” “Naughty / Nice”, “100% Natural.” Want to keep the “tata” fun going, but are going to be around the rents? Don’t fret, more conservative options such  as “Happy Anniversary” and “Happy Birthday” are available too.  Seems like the perfect accessory for a ladies night out, huh? Maybe that’s what best friends and creators of the brand, Michelle Smith and Jodi Greenberg were thinking when they came up with the idea for tatatoos. Starting out, they each had different strengths; Jodi, with her super creative ideas and Michelle with a knack for making things work. What they shared was the drive to one day call a business their own. Combining their talents, Jodi and Michelle founded Ta•ta•toos in 2009. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Michelle and Jodi work hard to deliver personalized greetings to women of all ages. Although the tattoos are just temporary, they work hard to deliver a product to their customers that are high quality and crafted with intricate design.  All ta•ta•toos are made with FDA-approved ingredients that are safe for the skin.  Easily applied, and removed, they last for up to one week.  Ta•ta•toos retail $9.95 for a single package which includes two greetings spread out over four temporary tattoos.

Visit www.tatatoos.com to learn more.

The Perfect Pair: How to Shop for Frames that Flatter your Face Shape

It’s great that glasses wearers now have so many frame styles to choose from. It means that anyone can now find the perfect pair of frames, but with so much choice at our disposal, it also makes shopping for the perfect pair that much harder.

While you could go round trying on every pair in the shop, you’ll save yourself a lot of time by learning which frame styles suit your own face shape. It’ll help you to narrow down your choices in advance, so you’ll know exactly where to start when you begin shopping in-store or online.

If you are shopping online, you’ll find the process a whole lot easier if you use a site that offers a try before you buy policy. A growing number of sites like LensWay now deliver your choices straight to your door, so you can try them at home before you purchase, offering free returns on those that don’t suit.

Which face shape?

Each of our face shapes is unique, but we all fit within the range of seven basic face shapes below. The frame style you choose should contrast with your face shape, while the frame size should be in scale with your face size.


An oval face has perfectly balanced proportions, meaning that a greater selection of frames will suit you. To keep the natural balance of the oval, look for frames that aren’t too extreme – not overly wide, or narrow. Walnut-shape frames work really well, especially when their width matches or exceeds the broadest part of your face.


With a curved jaw and width and length in proportion, you want to seek out a contrast in narrow, angular frames that will slim and lengthen the appearance of face. Look for frames that are wider than they are tall, like rectangular frames. A strong bridge will widen the eyes too.


This face shape features a broad forehead and strong, square jawline. To balance this out, you want to soften the angles of the face, with curved styles, and lengthen the appearance of the face, with narrow styles or frames that are wider than they are tall.


This face shape is longer than it is wide, and often means you have a longish nose too. To create balance, you want frames that will shorten the appearance of the face, and this means seeking out styles that are taller than they are wide. Frames with a low bridge will also shorten the appearance of the nose.


Just like the triangle, this face shape is narrower across the forehead and broader across the chin and cheek area. Here you want to add width to the upper part of the face to balance out the wider chin area. Look for frames that are thicker or more accented along the top, like the Clubmaster or cat-eye style.

Inverted Triangle/Heart

Inverted triangle is just the opposite, with a wider forehead and narrower chin area. So, here you want to widen and emphasise the lower part of the face, or narrow and slim the upper part, to create balance. Look for styles that are wider or thicker along the bottom, or rimless styles, which lighten the appearance of the wider forehead.


Diamond shapes have dramatic cheekbones that create a broader mid-section of the face, while the jawline and eyeline are narrower. Here you want to soften the cheekbone area, and highlight the eyeline. Try distinctive shapes, like oval frames, that will draw attention to the eye area and away from the cheeks, or styles that are thicker or more decorative along the top of the frame.

Now you know how to identify what would suit you, check out the range of glasses at LensWay.

A reason to love fur—the recycled way

Winter means staying warm and toasty, and there’s no people who know that better than Canadians. And with a little creativity and an eco-friendly approach, their fur collections can be a PETA friendly alternative.

That’s exactly the case with Montreal, Quebec based design house Harricana. All her accessories and outerwear use recycled fur, and are now available across the Canadian border through her recently opened e-boutique. Launched in November, the site boasts boots, hats, gloves, kidswear, scarves, earmuffs and handbags.

Conservative dressers will love the girlie pink rabbit Aviator hats a la Hilary Swank, who plays Amelia Earhart in the upcoming motion picture Amelia. The more trend-conscious girl may opt for the futuristic silver.

Harricana is designed by Quebecer Mariouche Gagne, who spearheaded the line in 1994 with an angle to create her pieces in an eco-friendly fashion. Since she began, she says she has saved the lives of over 600,000 animals by recycling old furs. Gagne savages coats, silk, cashmere scarves and wedding gowns amongst other finds to make her entire collection ecologically sustainable.

Wicked. Finally a reason to wear fur and not feel guilty.

For more on Harricana and to buy, please go to www.harricana.qc.ca.

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