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Style Stalking: Signature Stelllllla Cries, from Rihanna in Stella McCartney

Rihanna hearts Stella. Seriously hearts. In fact, I think I hear her crying, “Stellllllllaaaaaaa” off in the distance somewhere. It’s echoing through the deep folds of her drop-crotch harem pants and ringing throughout the realm.

Rihanna hearts Stella so very much that she has been seen sporting the designs of the spawn of Sir Paul McCartney not once, not twice, but thrice. This is, of course, after she was seen looking mahvelous dahling at the Stella McCartney show during Fashion Week in London this February. Post-show, she’s been seen wearing harem pants, a blazer dress and pantsuit all by Stella McCartney. But seriously, who doesn’t love Stella McCartney? I mean, besides crazy people of course. She brings us quintessential French chic with Chloe and loud and proud Londoner with her own line. Even professional fashion snobs at Vogue admit that it is her talent, and not being a Beatles’ daughter, which snagged her her current gig.

So, is it really that surprising, that Rihanna would become addicted to Stella? Considering the pop star’s outrageous outfits scream London street style, I think not. Let us review: crazy colors? Check. Urban and feminine? Check. Adventurous cuts? Check. I think we can all agree that Rihanna was secretly born and raised in London and the whole “Barbados” thing is just a ruse.

Don’t we all wish we could just throw caution to the wind, dye our hair any color of the rainbow and throw on a sparkling pantsuit to hit the town? Or wear a blazer as a dress and scoff at those who question the fabulousness of our sartorial choices? Only we are not Rihanna and would therefor look ridiculous.

But then again I’ve been feeling dangerous lately so I may or may not shave the side of my head after finishing this post.

— Sophie Southern

Gross: Wait, is it just me or…Rihanna…No Way!!!

A bit of me died when I saw this…then, TOUCHE! Something about this video creeps me in the most cryptic way. So Chris has moved on, and apparently planted a seed, and Rihanna has—found love in a hopeless place. I am wondering what Rihanna was thinking. Did she even consider how this would be perceived. I would love to see her triumphantly move on, tastefully. Horrible narration, pretty song, sad story, moving along…Enjoy.

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Taking Lashes to Sumptuous Extremes

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme

From Betty Boop in the thirties to Jane Fonda in the seventies and Rihanna today, no woman fully aware of the power of her feminine wiles underestimates the significance of batting her lashes in the art of seduction. Mascara is the first thing we grab from our makeup bag. We’ve tested and tossed so many we’re not sure it’s legal to have a pile of mascara bottles that high taking up that much real estate. We’ve been looking for that one magic wand, and finally, up popped Estée Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme.

Some products say they’ll thicken, some lengthen, some even promise to strengthen and renew, we’ve been testing these theories for so long the search was beginning to seem like a lifelong study. We’re like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, some of us have thick eyelashes, some of us have long, some of us have thin and short, so when we all latched on to theSumptuous Extreme we knew it was magic.

Amidst all the mascaras that promise to give us the lashes of our dreams, this magic potion magnifies and multiplies better than anything we’ve used before. It was like our fairy God Mother waved her magic wand, and poof, the Extreme Sumptuous just knocked our reigning fave mascaras out of their respective top spots. We were slightly deterred by the brush technology frenzy, but it seems our old friend the bristles just needed a few tweaks and a winning formula to define, thicken, lengthen, and curl our lashes to perfection. The Sumptuous Extreme formula combines a conditioning and silkening Lash-Advancing Vitamin Complex with high-volume fibers, giving our lashes the alluring appeal we’ve been searching for.

(Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme was provided for a review)
To be released December 2010

My Interview with Footwear Visionary, Camilla Skovgaard

Camilla Skovgaard is the brain behind some of the hottest footwear in the industry right now. The Danish-born designer is a favorite of the likes of Rihanna, Princess Marie Chantal of Greece, and so many more.

Skovgaard started on the road to her own line at first in couture in Dubai at the young age of 20, where she designed for the sheikhs’ wives and daughters. After seven years there, she then moved to London to study shoe design and went on to obtain a BA in footwear design and product development from Cordwainers and then moved on to complete a MA at the Royal College of Art in London.

While studying for her MA, Skovgaard’s line began to take shape and while she was still a student, Saks Fifth Avenue picked up her first collection. Talk about talent. Some of her accomplishments include: 2007 Queen Elizabeth Scholar Award for Excellence in British Craftsmanship, Swarovski Emerging Talent-Accessories at the 2009 British Fashion Awards and many more. Skovgaard collaborated with Matthew Williamson for seven seasons on the footwear for his collections (2005-2009). Her pieces are sold in over 28 countries and are sold in the world’s most prestigious boutiques.

I caught up with Camilla to talk about what influences her designs and where she sees her line going in the future.

Did you always know that you wanted be a footwear designer?
Nope. Perhaps my parents did - one of my favorite items is my very first leather shoe I had as a baby/child that my mother back then had dipped in silver, complete with its wrinkles, wear marks and hole in the big toe. I grew up with that silver plated shoe sitting on a shelf near my desk - never out of sight. It’s still with me in my entrance hall greeting visitors.

How do the different countries you’ve lived in inspire your designs?

Funny enough, it’s sort of working the other way round now. I’ve always felt oddly uncomfortable with how I used to dress more or less according to the culture I was in, and I couldn’t quite figure out why it always annoyed me, something too frivolous about it, and, needless to say, it simply wasn’t ‘me.’ I’m a late bloomer, but I have learned to stick to what feels like ‘me’ now regardless of if I’m in the Middle East, Hong Kong, London or the US. Tonight is an example - I’m in Dubai this moment and just been out for dinner where everyone is wearing ‘cute little dresses’ common for the heat here, but I was content to be in my Rick Owens gear - complete with long sleeved leather jacket and my ankle wedge boots.

Who would you like to work with in the future?
Rick Owens.

What is the inspiration for Spring 2011 and what constantly inspires you?
It’s a gradual process. I elope on something I picked up on in the season before. I don’t sit with a ‘mood board’ going - “Africa!” It’s more of a feeling. We have some stud elements, blonde wood finished heels/plateaus set against leather, and some lovely ‘summer witch’ shoes inspired by an old Danish folklore tradition - a mid-summer night bonfire held every June 23rd in Scandinavia where witches sit on top of the first shooting into the night (in Danish called ‘Sankt Hans Aften’).

I’m still digesting the fact that I have now also introduced a bit more color for SS11. We have a bold turquoise shoe coming out.

Personally, I’m not a color person. If I could run a business on it, everything would be terribly stark colors and more subversive, but I love seeing the shoes sell, and I can find color attractive on other women.

What is your favorite pair of shoes that you have designed? Do you wear your own shoes on a daily basis? If not, whose?
I definitely wear mostly my own. I test and I try and I pick up things along the way that I bring with me to the next shoes I make. I recently moved houses and was forced to do a spring cleaning, and for the first time in my life I have a double closet built for just my shoes. It’s glorious. I love swinging open those doors and seeing what I’m going to wear today. So, after the spring cleaning, besides my own, I kept in shoes from Rick Owens, Manolo Blahnik, and Christian Louboutin.

Congratulations on being nominated for Accessories Designer of the Year! What would it mean for you to win?
It would mean a double win for 2010! I won the ELLE Style Awards Accessory Designer of 2010 in February, which was my first professional award, so that was a great honor. I won numerous awards as a student, but it’s a little different now. Do we have the equivalent to a grand slam in the fashion industry?

You know that’s a good question! Not sure which is the biggest prize in the fashion land, but I think you’re well on your way to being a world champion. What’s some advice you would give to inspiring footwear designers?

Any exciting projects in the future?
Yes, I’m currently in talks with an A-list Paris fashion house, but it’s too early to say anything as discussions are still going on. It’s just a matter of having time for it.

Visit www.camillaskovgaard.com for more information and purchase one of my favorites, the Suede Foldover Ankle Boots (retail value $677) at www.saks.com.

Cesare Paciotti is now available States-side

Shoe lovers take note: European and celebrity favorite Cesare Paciotti is launching some sexy new collections in the American market. Known throughout Europe for his sky-high heels, feminine design, and avant-garde materials, Cesare Paciotti is a must-have with celebs like Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, and Blake Lively. This sesason, Cesare Paciotti was inspired to add some femininity back into shoes, and created the lines to better accessorize the 2010 and 2011 runway collections.

The Fall/Winter 2010 collection plays on ‘80s glamour with classic high, high heels and Swarovski crystal accents on some pairs. These opulent shoes feature a red leather and black lace sole on each pair with the signature Cesare Pasciotti gold dagger on the bottom.

Meanwhile, the Spring/Summer 2011 collection takes wearers back in time with shoes inspired by 19th century lingerie and corsets. Channeling an ultra-feminine vibe, the collection is detailed with embroidered silk and delicate lace. Distressed suede and leather give the shoes a softer feel. Like the Fall/Winter 2010 collection, this line features Cesare Pasciotti’s “sole art” with nude leather and black lace and, of course, the signature dagger.

Look for Cesare Pasciotti shoes in the U.S. this season.