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Fragrance Fairy, Nicole: Richie to Launch Namesake Scent

Looks like the fragrance fairy has paid a happy little visit to Ms. Richie, and don’t we all want to smell, well—rich! Hopefully it’s smells like a nice combo of diamonds, caviar, exotic flowers and leather seats in a beautiful sports car…if it makes dollars, it certainly makes scents. According to WWD:

The juice, Richie said, was inspired by the layered scents her mother wore when Nicole was a child, which she describes as a combination of oils and lotions. “I have a very traditional Southern mom — you never left the house without lotion,” said Richie during a phone interview with WWD. “Over her lotion went oil and perfume — she was very put together from head to toe. It wasn’t just a one-dimensional smell — there were many different layers.” She noted vanilla, amber and cashmere woods were among the notes she wanted to include in her own scent.

Looking forward to smelling like money…Just don’t get robbed on your way to the bank ;)