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Charitable Charms | Give Back Fashionably

Jewelry is that extra little something that can take the way you look from “good” to “the greatness”. So why not make yourself feel incredibly GLAM at the same time? People everywhere need help from each other today more than every in recent past, but there are ways to do your part, while looking fresh (and so clean).  Many designers are choosing to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of particular items to organizations of their choice.

The Gap has done particularly well with this trend with their (Red) collection, which incorporated the designs by artists such as Chuck Close and Geoff McFetridge. Thanks to campaigns like these, it’s hip to be helpful.

Kara Ackerman created a simple yet elegant bracelet with a small charm to benefit the Making Headway Foundation, in honor of Lily Hannah Taubin, who passed aware from a brain tumor. 15 percent of each $35 piece goes to the charity, which helps families of children who have been diagnosed with brain or spinal cord tumors.

A real gem though in the world of fashion for charity is Joan Hornig Jewelry, which not only donates 100 percent of their profits, but allows the buyer to choose the charity in which their money is sent. Profits have been donated to charities helping everything from animal rights and the arts to heath care and social welfare. Their motto is “Philanthropy is Beautiful,” and their pieces are “designed to make a statement and make a difference.” Prices range from below $100 to several thousand dollars, so no matter your budget, you can make a statement and make a difference this holiday season. If not for yourself, then for someone else as a gift that’s truly from the heart.