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Tweet this Giveaway | Kel Cutrone, Cry Outside & Whit Port’s Newly Released Book #TrueWhit

It takes one tough kick ass cookie to make it out there in the real fashion world. Whitney Port and Kelly Cutrone both combine their personal and professional stories in their books True Whit by Whitney Port and If You Have to Cry, Go Outside by Kelly Cutrone.

Anyone who watched MTV’s hit reality shows “The Hills” and “The City” know that Whitney Port and Kelly Cutrone have very different perspectives when it comes to surviving in PR, fashion, and the circles that be. Both perspectives create a great real girl’s guide to making it, and doing it big!

As Whitney puts it, her book is a “road map to discovering what you want and how to make it happen.” This fashion trendsetter lets it all out in the open about beauty, romance, careers, and most importantly, fashion! As an up and coming fashion designer, Whitney Port shares her intimate stories about how she dealt with and array of backstabbing co-workers, bitchy bosses and less than perfect boyfriends. True Whit dishes out how she handled it all and provides insight about how you too can handle anything with style and grace all the while keeping that sense of humor and poise.

Kelly is more to the point, shall we say RAW, about making it in today’s competitive fashion world. The way she presents her points are straight up gutta, let’s just say get ready to lol and get amp up the shock value. It is reality TV, and shows like “The Hills” and “The City,” present the glamorize ‘truth’, and Kelly always gives it like she gets it, brutally. If it hurts, suck it up and If You Have to Cry, Go Outside, calls upon your courage in a less fluffy but essentially important way. When it comes to handling it “out there”, buck up, beef up, and start grinding.

To take your chance at winning a free copy of either, Tweet this Giveaway @POSHGLAM, and tell us which book you can’t live without in the comments below. Also, e-mail your name number and address, along with a snapshot to: Micel@POSHGLAM.com with “Amazing Book Giveaway” in the subject. Readers will be selected at random and announced on twitter (with photo).

*Giveaway Deadline: Jan. 1st 2012

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