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#Benetton <3’s Obama, And the Whole Fashion Industry Roars! #UNHATE

ROTFLaughing, this has really gone too far…now if they could only get a gay man to kiss a gay woman, round of applause. I’d pay for that!

Afterall, the perfect match for a gay man…is a gay woman, no? Don’t Hate…participate! I knew you would laugh. This is definitely a reaction—not sure if it equals more votes or hysterics but, like Julia Roberts & Halle Berry said at the Golden Globes of 2002 “He chose him over Boris?”

Though GAY sometimes equals confusion, this image is the worse mindfuck—we’ve ever had…Enjoy the trip, better yet…enjoy Barack Obama kissing Hugo Chávez.

More here: http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2012/06/benettons-unhate-campaign-unhated-by-cannes.html?mid=382960&rid=322434093