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Fashion + Comfort with Dana Davis Footwear

Founder and Creative Director, Dana Davis creates footwear for luxury shoes that are a synthesis of both fashion and comfort. When looking at the designs you wouldn’t think that they’d be as comfortable as they are, given the sky-high heel. Once you try them on, your soles become immersed in soft sensibility.

Keeping the interest of the wearer in mind has positioned Davis as a contentious designer that’s both fun & utilitarian. Wearing heels for an extended amount of time is painful and hard on the body. Women tend to either tough it out, damage their feet or avoid wearing them all together—both rather unfashionable.

Davis provides a solution to “the problem” that keeps her wearer looking chic, while getting rid of the difficult choice between fashion and function.

Dana Davis footwear’s technology breaks down as:

  1. A TRI-DENSITY ORTHOTIC is in each shoe to stabilize the foot, preventing any wobbling.
  2. AN INSOLE BOARD supports the arc of the foot and is customized for each shoe style.
  3. UPPER MATERIALS are picked out to allow for movement of the foot.
  4. ANKLE STRAPS keep the foot stabilized along with the HEEL POSITIONING.
  5. PLATFORMS, INSOLES AND INCREASED OUTSOLE THICKNESS lower the pressure on the foot without sacrificing the height of the heel.

The ‘Heidi’ shoe pictured retails for $450. For more on Dana Davis’s selection, visit her website here.