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TOMS Eyewear: Kobe Bryant Arrives in Style to 2012 Olympics

Kobe Bryant, one of the USA Olympic Basketball team members arrived at Heathrow airport in London in style, looking ready to win wearing a Nike jumpsuit and TOMS sunglasses. Though Kobe wore a dark amber, the ones featured here to the right are a similar pair from the Windward collection that retail for $129. TOMS brand is known for their footwear and charity contribution and has expanded their humanitarian efforts to include doing their part to eliminate blindness. Their original “buy a shoe, give a shoe” program was replicated in the TOMS Eyewear line to extend their charitable reach. TOMS promises with every pair of glasses purchased, they will help a person in need during their “Summer of Sight” program.

Through providing prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery and medical treatment, TOMS will make an impact improving the sight of people all over the world. Unfortunately, blindness is the seventh-largest health disability globally and through eyeglasses or a 15 minute cataract surgery, 80% of the people affected can be cured. Throughout the summer, TOMS has received numerous sunglass purchases which have afforded 78,771 people to have better sight. It’s nice see a company embrace style and the global initiative to help those in need of better sight…kudos to TOMS for prioritizing philanthropy.

Browse TOMS collection at www.toms.com.

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